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Slimline dispensing hose SF (sulfur-free)

Fuel producers spend considerable effort in fulfilling the maximum allowed sulfur content. Rubber compounds of this hose type are free of sulphur – ensures that the sulphur content of the fuel is not increased, even if the medium remains for a long time within the hose

UTS hose assembly with AMKC 25 SS/SS

'Camlock' stainless steel coupler to EN 14420 - 7 with hose tail and Spannloc stainless steel clamps

Urea solution filling of a car:

ZVA AdBlue LV, Slimline 16 AdBlue (blue cover)

Motorcycle refuelling at the petrol station

ZVA Slimline 2 GR, Germany

Ship bunkering

FHD hose assemblies, Port of Gothenburg / Sweden

Rubber Expansion Joint ERV-G LT 80.16

YELLOW BAND LT expansion joints designed for low temperature applications for standard-conform petroleum based products, e.g. diesel, heating oil up to + 90° C, aviation fuels, petroleum up to + 60° C and gasoline up to + 40° C. Temperature (depending on medium) range - 40° C up to + 90° C, temporarily up to + 100° C. Electrically dissipative.

ZVA AdBlue LV with SSB 16 LV SL 16 AdBlue hose assembly (blue)

Urea solution (DEF, ARLA 32) for Light Vehicles

Elaflex Hamburg

Delivery trucks, loading ramps

Hose tube of road tanker, LTW hose assembly with MKX 80 Ms


TW dust plug of stainless steel, surface in contact with the medium additionally coated with Teflon® PFA. This type is used if stainless steel does not have a sufficient chemical resistance (i.e. for hydrochloric acid and iron-III-chloride) and polypropylene is not possible because of insufficient stability. Available in all standard sizes.

Oasis Engineering Ltd, New Zealand (CNG refuelling products)

Production Picture 24

Elaflex Pacific (Australia)

Manufacturing GasGuard GG1 nozzle

Elaflex hose quality: braided reinforcements

serve for flexibility, low weight and increased lifetime

RS 11/2 x 2 SS

Reducer Female/Male

Production MannTek, Sweden

Construction of Elaflex composite hoses type FWS

Sectioned view of a composite hose, denomination of the components - detail view

Elaflex Hamburg

ERV flange assembly medium sizes

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik, Production Plettenberg / Germany

Plettenberg factory 2

Oasis SV Sandwich Valves 100series, for CNG

Oasis BV708, 1" ball valves, isolation valves, CNG spheres (tanks)

ZVA Slimline 2 GR, special type with bellows, black, guard 3 - side view

ERV-R ... ZS

"Red Band" Rubber Expansion Joints with limiters

Elaflex Hamburg

Marking of tested hose assemblies with check data

Elaflex refuelling equipment:

Quality is in the detail.

Camlock cam locking couplings:

Attachment AMB dust cap with chain to Spannfix clamps (service free of charge)

Alternative fuels: B 20 (Diesel with up to 20% Biodiesel), E 85 (Gasoline with up to 85% Ethanol)

ZVA Slimline 2, ZVA Slimline 2 GR

Elaflex Hamburg

Visual quality checks

Vehicle refuelling with LPG (L.P. Gas, Autogas)

ZVG 2 ACME nozzle, LPG 16 hose

Marine bunkering and cargo hoses

ship to ship bunkering

Unloading petroleum products at the service station (road tanker to UST)

LG 3" hose assembly for gravity discharge, LTW 50 hose assembly for vapour balance