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Oasis SV Sandwich Valves 100series, for CNG

Ferrule threaded hose coupling M 25-1" SS

for petrol station dispensing hoses, chemical hoses, AdBlue urea solution

ZVG 2 DISH nozzle for L.P. Gas / Autogas, LPG 16 hose assembly, ARK 19 Safety Break

Vergleich visibility aircraft refuelling hoses - below: "Yellow Band" standard, top: "NEON" new version with reflecting bands

Oasis FV103 90° Fill Valve with Bus & Truck Nozzle, for CNG

Combat tank refuelling ZVA 25


Ship loading various media - STW 150 and UTS 150 hose assemblies

Unloading: MK couplers with DDC-V 80 adapter

TSVC 100 hose connectors

Fittings to conect two hose assemblies - available in many sizes, with Spannloc or Spannfix clamps

M 21-1" cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, reuasable. Slimline 21 hose, green.

Oasis FV103 45° Fill Valve, for CNG

Unloading chemical road tanker

Tecnopal hose assembly, DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling, Guillemin adapter

Oasis FV103 180° Fill Valve with Bus & Truck Nozzle, for CNG

TW coupling wrenches of brass or steel

EW K 50 Ms, EW K 80 Ms, EW K 100 Ms, EW K 50 St, EW K 80 St, EW TWS 50, EW TWS 80

Oasis Fill Valves at CNG service station for buses

L.P. Gas rail tanker

loading and unloading with DGC Dry Gas Couplings, LPG hose assemblies.
Vehicle side: DGC-V male couplings with flange

Hose assembly for L.P. Gas

LPG 50, DGC-M 50

Maintenance at the petrol station

Elaflex Hamburg

Assembling Coax hoses

Adapter: VK 80 x MK 50-45°

The lever is bent to enable lever arrest (safe position when coupled)

Helicopter Refuelling

ZVF 40, HD-C

MK 80 Ms

TW coupler of brass, to EN 144260-6 with 3" female BSP connection

Adapters / couplers for vehicles fighting dangerous goods incidents:

Adapter for Rail Tanker 51/2" connection KWZ SS/Vi x VK 50 SS/Vi

LNG ship bunkering

DCC 100 Dry Cryogenic Coupling, CBC 100 PERC Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling

SSB 16 Safety Break: Abriss

Section view ERV-G Rubber Expansion Joint

ZVA Slimline 2, guard no. 4, Sight Glass SG 1 Al, Slimline hose assembly

Hose assembly for petrol stations

Standard hose SL 16

ZVF 50 JET overwing refuelling

with HD-C hose assembly


"Yellow Steel" Rubber Expansion Joints / ship engine room of a ferry