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ZVA Slimline 2 LA nozzle with LeverAssist hold-open aid

LNG ship bunkering

DCC 100 Dry Cryogenic Coupling, CBC 100 PERC Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling

Polypal Clean hose assembly

Pharmaceutical production

ZVG 2 ACME nozzle for L.P. Gas / Autogas, LPG 16 hose assembly, ARK 19 Safety Break

Filling of Heating Oil Tanks: Adapter KR 50-21/2"

for difficult to reach filler inlets

Connection road tanker to trailer: TW hose assembly, DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling

DAC-V 65

Aircraft refueller , Dry Aircraft Coupling to ISO 45 for bottom loading

Transport protection for threaded fittings

Underwing refuelling, HD-C hose assembly


ELAPHARM hose assemblies, applications

Oasis BV701 Ball Valve, with air torque actuator AT101, for CNG

Container with refuelling equipment



"Yellow Steel" Rubber Expansion Joints / ship engine room; Netherlands


"CR" Rubber Expansion Joints - ballast water treatment skid

LBS 50 hose for foodstuffs, FDA conform

Elaflex Pacific (Australia)

Functioning test GasGuard nozzle

MKX 80 Ms, coupling hose assembly

Oval flange seal FD 650-3 of ELAPAC 3 mm

Elaflex refuelling equipment:

Quality is in the detail.

Underwing refuelling, HD-C hose assembly


V 16-1" cr

Male ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, reusable. Slimline 16 hose, yellow.

Assembling "ZS" tie rods to ERV rubber expansion joints

GasGuard LPG nozzle GG30: optional Magnet in the guard

For contactless activation of dispensers with reed switch technology

Polypal Plus universal hose / Polypal Oil universal hose with oil resistant cover

Fuel Grade Identification to EN 16942 for ZVA Nozzles

Type EK FGI - attach with Product Badge EK 145

Customer protected special design ZVA Slimline 2 GR nozzle

Solvent filling with integrated vapour recovery in the nozzle

ZVA 25 GR, UTS hose assemblies


Tied Flanges – Tie rods with inner and outer limitation

Guards for ZVA nozzles

suitable for all dispensers, world wide

GasGuard LPG nozzle GG20DN

With long connector nut to access 'hard to reach' fill points. "DN": suited for use by the general public and untrained personell ( self service ). Patented dual nose piece for added safety. Low lever actuation force. Gas release volume on valve closure : 1,7 cm³.