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UTL 50 universal hose with MannTek Dry Disconnect Coupling DDC-M 65 - 21/2" Ms

KWZ x MK 80-32°

Rail car adapter with TW coupler, bent lever

Elaflex Hamburg

Hose assemblies, marking after testing

FFC 50.16 SS

Fixed flange hose fitting of stainless steel, with Spannloc clamps

Ship bunkering

FHD hose assembly, flange connection

ZVF 50 AVGAS overwing refuelling

with HD-C hose assembly

LPG 200 / LPG 100

Bunkering hoses for L.P. Gas with SFC flanged hose couplings

Manifold at petroleum storage terminal

STW 150 hose assemblies, SFC 150.16 hose flanges

IBC unloading

Female hose coupling MC 38-S60 SS (with Spannfix clamps). Direct connection of a hose assembly to the IBC.

Elaflex Hamburg

Assembling ERV limiters (tie rods) with spherical discs and conical seats


For the filling of small containers and IBC with solvents. With vapour recovery.

Rubber Expansion Joint ERV-CR 80.16

CR Expansion Joints for cold and warm water, swimming pool water, sea water, waste water (weakly sour or alkaline) also oil containing, cooling water with protective oils against corrosion, lubricating oil, grease and air, compressed air. Temperature range (depending on medium) - 25° C up to + 90° C, temporarily up to + 100° C. Electrically non-conductive.

ContiTech Production hose


Polypal Plus 50 universal hose

with SFC 50 SS / SS hose flange (hose tail, swiveling flange and Spannloc clamps of stainless steel)

ZVA Slimline 2 GR (vapour recovery nozzle), CSB 21 Coax Safety Break, Coax dispensing hose

LMS 50 Blue Band solvent hose with helix

Coupling: RMC 50 SS / SS, foodstuff thread, Spannloc clamps of stainless steel

V 16-3/4"

Male ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, reusable. Slimline 16 hose, yellow.

Combat tank field refuelling

XHD hose, UK

DDC-V Dry Disconnect Couplings for various media

tank storage; TW hose assembly

Elaflex Hamburg

Assembling dispensing hose: marking

ZVA Slimline 2, black, guard 3 - detail view with new hold-open latch

ZVA Slimline 2 GR, black, guard 3 - side view

EL 800 Earthing Strap with vulcanized copper strand

Electrically conductive bonding. Use for road tankers for petroleum based products, solvents, bulk tankers, forklifts, cable cars and cable Electro-Buses.

ContiTech Production hose


Aviation Dispenser

with VHD 100 C and HD 75 C Neon hose assemblies, SFC 100 TW and SFC 75 TW hose couplings

Oasis CNG refuelling equipment:

Ultra Fast Fill System (Diagram, German)

ZV 19.1 TD

ZV 19 manually operated dispensing nozzle, DN 19 ( 3/4" ), up to 100 ltr./min. Special version for chemicals/solvents with PTFE seals.

PHD 100, airport depot

EK 145 Product Badges for ZVA nozzles

Slimline quality dispensing hose for the forecourt