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Elaflon Plus FEP

Embossed hose marking

ERV-G 150.TW, ERV-G 80.TW

Aircraft refueller

Road tanker with large hose reel, HD hose assembly, ZV 500 nozzle

Underwing refuelling


ERV-G 100.16 SS TA

Yellow Band Rubber Expansion Joint
PTFE lining

Road tanker reel with HD 50 hose assembly, ZV 500 nozzle

ZVG 2 EURO UL with new scuffguard EA 866 black

DCC Dry Cryogenic Coupling for LNG

Coupling process

Helicopter refuelling, ZVA 32

Locomotive refuelling

DDC-V Dry Disconnect Coupling (filler inlet of the locomotive), DDC-K cap

GasGuard GG11R

The GasGuard GG11 Back-Check Valve ( GG11R: with additional release screw ) should be standard equipment for any LPGas road tanker operator. It is used in conjunction with LPGas bulk refueling nozzles to contain leaks at storage tank fill points. If the fill point proves to be leaking when removing the nozzle it can be left on the tank until corrective action is taken. The driver can move to the next fill point without delay.

ElaSil® Silicone hose assemblies

Connecting Triclamp

LBS 50 foodstuff hose, RMC 50 SS foodstuff fitting with Spannloc of stainless steel

Aseptic bulk filling

ZVA AdBlue LV with EA 075 LV

Urea solution (DEF, ARLA 32) for Light Vehicles

EASYLOC Cam Locking Coupling

easy deactivation of lever arrest

Equipment truck for dangerous goods accidents

suitable hose assemblies and adapters from Elaflex, ELAFLEX_Information_2.17E.pdf

Oasis 'Priority Panel' with ball valves for CNG bus refuelling

ZVA Slimline 2 LA nozzle with LeverAssist hold-open aid

HD-C Neon, large reel, MK 100 Ms, VB 100 Al

IBC unloading

Coupling of Chemopal chemical hose assembly with AMKC 50 SS (Camlock female with Spannloc attachment) to AMKI male coupling. Use of IBC-adapter RS 60 x 2 SS.

Universal hose UTS 50

Oasis FV103 with NC203 P36, Light Duty Fill Valve and Transit Nozzle for CNG

Hose assemblies for the chemical industry

ERV-GR TA, UTL with DDC, FXD with male thread, Elaflon Plus FEP with foodstuff fitting, Elaflon PTFE with female thrad

Rail tanker loading and unloading of petroleum based products

L.P. Gas rail tanker

loading and unloading with DGC Dry Gas Couplings, LPG hose assemblies.
Vehicle side: DGC-V male couplings with flange

MannTek SJ swivel

Elaflon Plus FEP hose assemblies:

Bulk filling of powders

ZVF 50 PTL (Push-Twist-Lock), strainer inspection

oasis TH Tank Head Valves, CNG trailer

Hose assembly for L.P. Gas

LPG 50, DGC-M 50 with special handle, adapter DGC 50 x 3 1/4" ACME